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Lighting Assessment

It goes without saying that good lighting is critical for us to be able to see clearly. In fact, by the time we are 80 years old, we will need 4 times as much light as when we were 20 years old. This is due to everal changes in the structure of the eye over time that reduce the amount of light entering the eye.

Inappropriate lighting can impair vision, making tasks and mobility difficult to carry out. In fact, improving task lighting is as important as ensuring your glasses are in good condition.

The Home Health Clinic can assess the lighting around your house to ensure you have the correct lighting available.

Equipped with the correct knowledge, you can ensure that you utilise natural lighting to your best advantage and then supplement this where necessary with good quality lighting. Both general room lighting and concentrated task lighting are equally important and can vastly improve the comfort of tasks as well as improve the safety of your home.

Read our guide to improving the lighting around your house. If you would like to discuss improvements to lighting for your home, call our care team on 020 8428 4068

If you need to buy lamps or bulbs, you can do so here.

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