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Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully as this sets out how and why we collect personal information. By providing us with personal information you consent to the processing and transferring of personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to any use of the website and to communication you have with The Home Health Clinic (HHC) at any time. 

HHC will not disclose your personal information to any other party or for any other reason other than as set out on this website without your prior consent. 

Except to the extent HHC are required or permitted by law, personal information provided by you to HHC will be used for the purposes connected with marketing of our products and services only.

For your guidance

The Home Health Clinic Ltd are registered with the Data Protection Registry and take their commitments and obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 (and any subsequent legislation) very seriously. Customer/User details are treated with the utmost respect and our staff are trained in the observance of the Data Protection Act. Our aim is that your visit to our Website is enjoyable and informative and that you will return to the Site on many more occasions in the future in the knowledge that the privacy of your information or personal data is secure.

The Home Health Clinic has appointed a Data Compliance Officer to ensure compliance on all Data Protection issues. The Data Compliance Officer can be contacted by writing to The Home Clinic Ltd, 62 Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middx. HA2 0UQ. Any queries or concerns should be addressed in the first instance to the Data Compliance Officer.

Personal Information as defined within the Data Protection Act, includes your name, date of birth, e-mail and postal address or any information which would enable an individual to be identified. These are known as personal identifiers. We may in the usage of this Website require some or all of these personal identifiers to be deposited. Where such information is given, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the information received.

No information about you will be collected without your consent and you will be advised where personal information is called upon to be collected i.e. when you register for a particular service or order a product from us.

We do not divulge or sell personal information to other sources such as mailing houses and the like under any circumstances. We may, however (where permission has been granted) wish from time to time to send you information about our services. If you do not wish to receive any such information, you should e-mail us at or telephone us on 020 8428 4068 advising us you do not wish to receive such information.

The Data Protection Act also includes regulations controlling the security of data held and we apply strict security procedures in respect of both the storage and disclosure of information to prevent unauthorised disclosure of information. Our databases are regularly backed up and we have systems in place to ensure that data is secure and is not lost. Privacy of information given is paramount and we will not disclose any information about you to a third party (unless required by law to do so) without your permission.

Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act you have the right to see what information is held concerning you and if you wish to do this, an application in writing should be made to the Data Compliance Officer, The Home Health Clinic Ltd, 62 Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middx. HA2 0UQ. An administration fee of £25 is required in addition to the written request.


We do use cookies. Cookies is a technical term, but basically a cookie identifies your computer by reference to information contained within the hard-drive. They do not identify a user personally and therefore no personal information has been obtained. Your computer can be set not to accept cookies if you so wished although in doing so you may not obtain the full benefit of our Website.