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Dementia is one of the most common and serious disorders of later life, affecting 5% of people over 65.

Sight loss among people with dementia can be caused by:

  • An eye condition, such as cataracts
  • Another health condition, such as stroke
  • Normal ageing of the eye
  • The dementia itself

Specific functions of the visual system which commonly fail include:

  • Motion
  • Depth
  • Colour
  • Contrast

A regular eye test is especially important for individuals with dementia and an eye test at home can often ensure a relaxed atmosphere in which an eye test can be carried out. We adapt each eye test to our patients individual needs to ensure we can gain as much information about the health of the eyes and vision as is possible.

To find out more about our tailored eye test for those with dementia or to book an appointment, call us now on 020 8428 4068.

You can read our guide to Dementia & Vision here.

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