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kat-uh-rakt :  A clouding of the crystaline lens. It has the effect of looking through a dirty window i.e. reducing the quaility of vision.

Other effects include :

  • Halo’s around lightsÿ
  • Glare in sunlight 
  • Increase in short sightedness / decrease in long sightedness.
  • Changes in colour vision

Cataracts progress at various speeds depending on the cause and type. When a cataract begins to impede your everyday lifestyle, it can be removed and replaced with a silicon intra-ocular lens. This is a relatively straight forward procedure with a high success rate.


Age related changes are the main cause of cataracts but they can also occur at any age due to :

  • A serious injury to the eye
  • Mineral deficiencies 
  • Secondary to diabetes 
  • The side effect of certain medication 
  • Smoking
  • UV light
  • Congenital causes

A regular eye test can help by monitoring the effect a cataract has on your vision. Discuss any questions you have with your Optometrist who will refer you to an Ophthalmologist for further management at the appropriate time.